From the recording The Simple Life

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I could have straightened up the bed and fixed the covers
Felt the warmth of you still linger on the sheets
I could have told you in the mirror, you look pretty
And zipped you up when you couldn’t reach

I could have made you your coffee in the morning
We could’ve had french toast on the weekends
I could have kissed you on your way out the door
And again when you come back in
But that ain’t happening

I could have fixed you your favorite supper
When you come home from a long day of work
I could have rubbed your tired shoulders
And eased your hurt, for what it’s worth

I could have listened to all of your troubles
We could have laughed at our foolish dreams
I would have given you the big piece of the pie
And the last of the ice cream
But that ain’t happening

I would have brought you a cold washcloth
When that fever was burning your skin
I would have been your rock and your comfort
I would have been

We could have had a thousand memories
We could have shared all those moments of bliss
I could have wrote you a book full of love songs
But instead, yes instead
I wrote you this