1. Forgiveness

From the recording The Simple Life

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We grew up fast, we grew up scared
Moved to a new town every couple of years
Yeah, we were the kids in the park wearing hand me down jeans
With bad haircuts and poor kids dreams

We had our share of bruises and welts
Mama’s hand, Daddy’s belt
Hell, even the holy God with his sacred heart
Even he had a way of leaving his marks

But what’s life for, what does life mean
What does life hold, what does life bring
What does life say, what does life ask
What’s life for, but forgiveness

Had my first drink when I turned fifteen
I was looking to drown when the whiskey came
Sweet sixteen was a holy mess
I was one hurt away from cutting my wrist

So I moved out when I was barely eighteen
Was working in a drive-thru, wearing thrift-store jeans
Waiting on a phone call or a birthday card
I learned how to give up, but it broke my heart


The years, they fly
Thinking that I had nothing but time
To get this right

Then I got a call, Mama gave me the news
Your Daddy’s in a bed full of wires and tubes
And all those old hurts, they seemed so small
All those harsh words didn’t matter at all
Seemed like he never give much, but he gave what he had
And I gave him back forgiveness

What’s life for, what does life say
What does life ask, at the end of the day
We’re all screwed up, and doing our best
What’s a life for, but forgiveness