From the recording Live in Germany


Ever since the day that it all begun
Brothers and sisters and the holy ones
Been searching for the answer to the burning questions
The mind fought the mystery, the mystery won

It’s like we’re standing by the walls down in Jericho
They’re ten feet thick, and three times taller
We’re never gonna make it, we can’t get over
Cause the body’s grown tired and we’re losing hope
Whoa - well, we ain’t got a ladder, we still got a rope

I’m singing, hey, Ave

It’s like we’re standing down by the riverside
It’s deep as the Jordan maybe just as wide
We’re never gonna make it to the other shore
Cause the water is rising, we cannot cross
Whoa - well, we ain’t got a bridge, we still got a boat

I’m singing, hey - Ave

It’s like we’re staring at a question that we cannot solve
Ever since the day they crucified the Lord
And old sister Mary rolled away the stone
Said the shroud’s still here, but the body’s gone
Whoa - well, we aint got flesh, we still got a form

I’m singing hey, Ave
I’m singing hey, Ave