From the recording Live in Germany


Oh my Lord, what's happening to you
Cause this just ain't the New York City that I knew
You were a home to all the poets and the queens
Now they're gunning down young boys on Bleecker Street

Oh my Lord, what's happened to this place
Used to be that the West Village was our space
Now it's barely safe for us just to be seen
While they're gunning down young boys on Bleecker Street

For the way they walk
And how they dress
How they talk
And how they kiss

Remember back in 1969
They tried to run us under one too many times
And we stood there with our boas looking tough
Casting stones and throwing shoes, we'd had enough

Somehow we made it through to 1988
But we lost thousands, tens of thousands on the way
And I can not believe that we survived a plague
To be harassed, to be made fun of, to be slain

For the way we walk
And how we dress
How we talk
And how we kiss

Who could have imagined this
That we would live to see a day that comes to pass
Where after 15 years together arm in arm
We could get married in the eyes of the law
And you know I am cynical at best
But even I cannot deny that we've progressed
Ah, but victory could never be complete
While they're gunning down young boys
Yeah the front page of The Voice
Says they're gunning down young boys
On Bleecker Street