Spring update


A few shows in the midwest next month and then off to Germany for 3 weeks! I'll be playing at the Blue Wave festival in Rügen and doing a few shows in Berlin - in case you have any European cousins that <3 Transgender Americana™, I'm looking for a couple of house concerts the weekend of June 13-15.

In the meantime I've been working on another batch of songs - once I finish these up I feel like I'll be ready to start sorting through them all and figure out which ones are going to be on the next CD. I've been intentionally waiting on putting out another album - part of the reason for that is that I wanted to try writing a *lot* more songs than I usually would. The idea behind that was to give myself a huge mountain of stuff to pick from, but also to let the songs live and breathe on stage a little bit before jumping into the studio. It's been interesting to see which ones "stick" and which ones are content to quietly slip away, but the process is absolutely invaluable and it's shaping up to be a a collection of songs that I'm pretty much head over heels in love with. 

I'll doing another kickstarter this summer once I get back from Europe, stay tuned for updates on that :)