Omaha, NE 4/18/13

Just got back to the midwest after 7 weeks and 8,000 miles of traveling - amazing shows, great people, beautiful places, but wow - it feels good to sit still. Making your way across the country is both a beautiful and arduous task - I started off in Bellingham, WA, about as far NW as you can go without crossing a border, and ended up as far Northeast as Yarmouth, Maine. There are days when the travel is effortless and lovely, and others where I've done everything I do to pass the time and I still have 6 hours to go. I'm really looking forward to having some downtime to start writing again - my favorite part of the process. I've got a bunch of new stuff and am really looking forward to getting started on another CD later this year. Glad to be alive and doing what I'm doing - life is a complex and sometimes dissonant chord, but for what it's worth I can't seem to stop listening.