Headset Mic

Great tour in the PNW and thanks to all who came out! It was great to connect with so many friends and then actually make a few more? Yeah, I'm kind of introverted once I get off stage. I've thought about maybe bringing a microphone to parties just because I seem to be so much more comfortable when I have one in front of me. Maybe I can get one of those Katy Perry headset mics and that'll just be my "thing." Ha ha. I have just a little bit of time back in Iowa before I head out for a pretty busy fall - I'm touring on the east coast for a month and then flying to Germany right after that. All good, I love performing and traveling, have been writing some new stuff and also breaking in some new guitar effects. Feeling pretty happy and inspired and grateful about being on stage, and looking forward to more chances to go deeper and deeper into the experience of making and sharing music.