From the recording Boy in a Dress (download only)

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From the album, "Boy in a Dress" (2002)


The Strangest Dream<br />
<br />
I had the strangest dream last night<br />
dreamed of a sailor dressed in white<br />
He crawled in farther from the sea<br />
and wrapped his arms around me<br />
<br />
Closed in his watery embrace<br />
I smelled the salt upon his face<br />
<br />
He took me to a sacred place<br />
He told me tales of time and space<br />
He said this much, revealed to me;<br />
He said these words will set me free:<br />
<br />
You are where brother sister meet<br />
Never incomplete<br />
<br />
Whoa, never incomplete<br />
Tell me, what more do you see?<br />
<br />
He laughed, a sound like rust on steel<br />
For fools, he said, this world is real<br />
Spinning their dharma like a wheel<br />
<br />
These debts we never do repay<br />
They&rsquo;re gonna go on and<br />
You are destined to replay<br />
The more you hold on and<br />
You end up right where you begin<br />
Again and again and again<br />
It never ends<br />