From the recording Black Crow (download)

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Before there were forests, there were trees in the ground, trees in the ground

Before there were trees, oh, there were fields up and down, fields up and down

Before there were fields, there were seeds underground, seeds underground

Then the rain came down with all of it's might
Through morning, day and then into the night
And called those seedlings up from the ground
Singing grow, grow, grow, abound, abound, abound

Before there was rain, there were mountains and clouds, mountains and clouds

Before there were mountains, there were stones underground, stones underground

Then the firmament tore with a mighty crash
And called those mountains up from the ash
And oh, they grew till they pierced the sky
Then the earth breathed forth a sigh, a sigh, a sigh

Before there was earth, there was life, breath and sound, life, breath and sound
Life, breath and sound