New CD & Kickstarter


In Omaha, NE this week just getting started on...working on a new CD! I'm setting up some microphones and my laptop to record some of the acoustic tracks and then will be heading into the studio in the fall…

Spring update


A few shows in the midwest next month and then off to Germany for 3 weeks! I'll be playing at the Blue Wave festival in Rügen and doing a few shows in Berlin - in case you have any…

PNW tour

Excited to head up the the Pacific Northwest next week for shows in Portland, Boise, Seattle and Bellingham! More info here

Fall Tour

Lots of tour plans coming up in September and October! Leaving this week and will be playing shows all over the midwest and New England - I'll be making stops in Chicago, Oak Ridge TN, Connecticut, Massachussets, Albany NY, Maine…

Streaming Live on StageIt

Pretty excited about this - I'm streaming a live show on from my friend Meg's living room in Minneapolis next week! It's pretty amazing what technology has made possible. The show starts at 8 pm CST on Wednesday, June 12…

Omaha, NE 4/18/13

Just got back to the midwest after 7 weeks and 8,000 miles of traveling - amazing shows, great people, beautiful places, but wow - it feels good to sit still. Making your way across the country is both a beautiful…

Nebraska in Washington

Just posted! Live video from Empty Sea Studios earlier this month. This song is called "Nebraska", and I wrote it this past fall in...wait for it...Nebraska. Yeah. Hasn't been released yet, but I'm saving it for the next CD. See…

New CD is up! Check it out!

Wow, it's finally here! A brand new, *Live* CD, available as of midnight tonight. You can download it for just $9.99, or buy a copy for just $15 which includes shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. I'm pretty darned…

Live CD Available October 9th!


Just an update, the release date for the Live CD is 12:00 am on Tuesday, October 9th! All 15 tracks will be available as a digital download right here on my website, or you can order a signed…