Had such an amazing time playing at the Women's Redrock Music Festival in Torrey, Utah this weekend. The drive out there is surreal and beautiful and seriously makes you feel like you're driving on the surface of Mars or something…

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Having a great time tooling around Germany with the band and one feisty but affectionate Yorkie. Meeting some truly amazing people, seeing some gorgeous countryside and also learning some important German phrases like, "Tell it to your grandmother!" Somehow managing…Read more

Happy Holidays

If you don't have it yet, my collection of Holiday Tunes is up as a free download this month :-)  Also a few new blog entries to check out. Still tooling around Germany for a couple more weeks and be…Read more

Headset Mic

Great tour in the PNW and thanks to all who came out! It was great to connect with so many friends and then actually make a few more? Yeah, I'm kind of introverted once I get off stage. I've thought…Read more

Live in Germany

Having a blast touring around Germany and promoting the new Live in Germany CD! Micha, Amy and I have been stretching things out on stage a little bit and finding some really cool ways to expand the songs and make…Read more

Live in Germany Kickstarter

Just launched a smallish kickstarter for the Live in Germany CD! We're just finishing up mixing and doing the campaign to cover graphics, mastering and duplication. The CD is being released in Germany and is available in the US exclusively…Read more

Writing, Recording and Live in Germany CD

Excited to be back in Iowa and finally sitting still long enough to catch my breath. It's been an incredibly busy year, but it's equally great to get back to one of my favorite things - spending time with my…Read more


Happy to be back in my old hometown of Tucson for a couple of shows this week! Tucson is where I got my start, figured out who I was, transitioned and really found my voice literally and figuratively. There's such…Read more

Holiday CD (It's free!)

I really love the Christmas season, something about the longing for light in a time of darkness really resonates with me. A few years back I was recording a song every year for Christmas and giving it away, and then…Read more