One of the things I love about riding the bike trail is that throughout the summer each flower, bird and insect has it’s time. Early in the season it’s the red-winged blackbird whose cryptic, twirling cries announce the beginning…

The Green Machine: It's Mean. (A Mother's Day Tale)


May 10th, 2020.

When I was maybe 9 or 10 years old, my family had just moved to a new neighborhood just outside of Toronto. We were riding Big Wheels (google it) down an asphalt path on a summer day…



April 12, 2017

If death is certain, and the time of death is uncertain, what is important, If death is certain, and the time of death is uncertain, what is important, If death is certain, and the time of death…


The Badger

February 5, 2017. 

Yesterday was one of those sunny winter days, just pushing 30 degrees, where you feel this gentle hope and the optimism to tackle things you’ve been putting off. Like vacuuming the car you took on tour back…

January March

January 22, 2017. 

Like many of us, I had heard about the Women’s March on Washington this past weekend and about all the sister marches taking place simultaneously around the country. One of those sister marches was happening in the…


Do This In Memory of Me

November 28, 2016.

My mother is from Belfast, and superstitious in the way that Irish Catholics can be - a belief in the supernatural that comes from the marriage of religion with a culture whose heritage is rich with mysticism…


The Grief That Binds Us.

November 10, 2016.

Yesterday, like many others, I woke up afraid. I was staying in a hotel 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh and had seen a lot of Trump signs on the way there from Connecticut. I saw a woman…


The Ghosts of Who We Were

November 4, 2016.

I stopped at the Sheraton in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the other night on the way from Cleveland to New Haven. It’s a hotel I’ve been to a few times and there’s something reassuring about knowing what the lobby…


Trumping Trump

October 4, 2016.

“Here we are, light unshown; 
One round heart, one round home.” 

- Apocalypse Lullaby, The Wailin’ Jennys 

There’s been this controversy locally about the upcoming election. Shocking, I know. But there’s a pretty good mix…


Find a Light 

September 19, 2016. 

“Look at where you are. Look at where you started. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle, just stay alive - that would be enough.”  

- Eliza Hamilton, That Would Be Enough (Hamilton) 

I’ve never…

The River Runs Wide

‘River, river carry me on
Living river carry me on
River, river carry me on
To the place where I come from.’

- Peter Gabriel, Washing of the Water

Yesterday, Northern Wisconsin, I am loading a canoe on the back…

Boy in a Dress: 12 years later.

"Who am I to change my life? Who am I to fuck with form?" - from A Guy Named Joe, Joe Stevens

12 years ago: my first CD, Boy in a Dress. It was the culmination of years of false…